About Us

Darts & Things The Store is a haven for beginners and pros alike, with a mind-blowing inventory and experienced staff. Darts & Things is here to keep darts fun for everyone, whether you play soft tip or steel tip darts, whether you’ve been playing for more years than you can count, or whether you’ve just thrown your first dart.


Owner Vickie Williams has been playing darts since 1988 and has been a part of Darts & Things since 1995 when she began managing the Palmdale store. During that time, Vickie was also behind the Antelope Valley Darts & Things soft tip dart leagues and weekly tournament play. When the Palmdale store closed in 2004, Vickie became the manager of the store in Van Nuys. In November 2005, Vickie turned her experience in a new direction by buying the Van Nuys store. Vickie’s enthusiasm for darts is contagious, and her whole family is now in on the game.



Want to get info on a steel or soft tip dart league or tournament? Maybe try out a new set of darts or check out a new accessory? Come see us! Darts & Things is not only a retail store but also a meeting place for darters of all ages and a hands-on playground for anyone who wants to try something new. Stop by Darts & Things — The Store and start playing the game.