All dart matches START and END with a handshake!

Be sure to give your opponent ample room to shoot and stay behind him/her while he/she does. Do not walk across the dart line during play for any reason. Treat other players courteously by refraining from loud noise and any other kinds of distractions that may affect someone’s game. While a certain amount of talking, laughing, music, etc., is to be expected as normal pub conditions, excessive rowdy behavior is discouraged.

Take personal responsibility for being on time to your match and encouraging your team to be ready to play when the match is scheduled to begin. Once play has commenced, see to it that play is continuous without unnecessary interruptions.

Have fun, just try to be courteous.


Darts can be dangerous projectiles in the wrong hands, and should not be considered toys, and children should always be supervised while using darts. Keep in mind the safety of fellow teammates and those just watching you play. Never throw a dart in anger or at another person—THERE COULD BE SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES!